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 Vjecni Rat distro

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PostSubject: Vjecni Rat distro   Vjecni Rat distro Icon_minitimeSun Sep 13, 2009 9:38 am

distribucija underground materijala . . . . dosta oldskul deatha i blacka lik ima

pa otidjite na

i evo vam link kataloga second hand izdanja

Vjecni Rat distro 872778
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Bog i Batina
Bog i Batina

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PostSubject: Re: Vjecni Rat distro   Vjecni Rat distro Icon_minitimeWed Dec 30, 2009 7:28 am

nova stranica Very Happy

Vjecni Rat distro 872778
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PostSubject: Re: Vjecni Rat distro   Vjecni Rat distro Icon_minitimeWed Jan 13, 2010 12:11 pm

Vjecni Rat distro VRD-mlogo


Traktoroth - Nervoza [20 HRK] [Fotografija]
VR001. Flyer.

Ysengrin - T.R.I.A.D.E. [30 HRK] [Fotografija]
Okultni Francuski black metal.
Quote :
Professional tape version of the first Ysengrin-opus. 45 min. of Hermetic Dark Metal divided in three different chapters: Putrefaction - Elevation - Illumination. A spiritual search for the primordial knowledge, which is beyond all materialistic and over-decadent values of the mundane man. Strictly limited to 333 copies.

Celephais - Nest Of All Plagues [25 HRK] [Fotografija]
Hrvatski black metal. Preporuka.

Revenge - From Hell [25 HRK] [Fotografija]
Prvi album grčkih death/thrash manijaka.

Curse From The Past [20 HRK] [Fotografija]
Kompilacija raznih underground thrash bendova. Preporuka.

Black Sister - Defenders Of Metal [20 HRK] [Fotografija]
Britanski thrash metal. Sadrži sve njihove stvari iz perioda 2006 - 2009.

Spewtilator - Thrash 'n' Splash [20 HRK] [Fotografija]
Američki thrash / death. Preporuka.
Recenzija wrote:
So what do sharks, Slayer parodies, and thrash have in common? They all kick ass. Atlanta's own bastard thrashtards seriously Slay(HA!) here with their first release, aptly titled Thrash N Splash. The cover of the tape says it all, from the retro flipped hat, to the bong hit and munchies, and to the shark just tryin' to relax, Spewtilator are all about having a good time.

This short demo starts things off with an homage to one of my favorite Slayer songs, Altar of Sacrifice, of course here it's a tasty Snackrifice. The production's raw as hell and feels very live, something I'm a fan of, yet the riffs and drums standout just fine, as well as the vocals (unfortunately the bass falls to the wayside). There's a very one take feel with the band and I really appreciate that. The riffs are excellent thrash riffs that jump from fast to hyper speed. Picture Slayer teaming up with Repulsion and you've got Spewtilator. From the great traded vocals much like Impaled, to the catchy thrash riffs to the hyper speed grind sections and everything in between Spewtilator kick dick. "D.O.T.D" is easily my favorite song as the riffs are menacing and catchy and the interjection of slower parts in between the midpace thrashing is awesome.

The only real complaint I can give is the production, as it's obviously louder in the left channel than right, and I really don't know what to chalk that up to. I listened with my tape player, in a friend's car, with my expensive headphones, with my cheap headphones and still no difference. And while the music is exceptionally awesome, such a misstep is hard to avoid.

If you like your thrash heavy, rough, and violent this is for you. Promising for a painful and delightfully energetic live show, Spewtilator kick major ass with this one. Unlike many modern thrash bands trying to play off the retro fad going on now, Spewtilator actually kick ass and rework the gimmick to a perfect mixture of originality and tribute.

For fans of old Slayer, Ghoul, Infernal Stronghold, and Sharks. These guys better make their way to New York so I can thrash myself stupid.

Infernal Curse - Necromass Incantations [20 HRK] [Fotgorafija]
Nemilosrdni bučni argentinski black / death. Preporuka

Andramelech - Destroyers of Cosmic Order [30 HRK] [Fotografija]
Okultni black metal. Preporuka.

Lycanthrope - Outbreak of Metal Onslaught (Metalfist on Your Fuckin' Face) [35 HRK] [Fotografija]
Čileanski black / thrash.

Nerlich - Innards [35 HRK] [Fotografija]
Finski death metal.

Goatvomit / Kratornas Split [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Grčko-filipinski komad buke.

Suicidal Winds - Discography 98-07 [40 HRK] [Fotografija]
17 stvari, sa raznih EPa, demoa i splitova.

Cruel Force - Into the Crypts [30 HRK] [Fotografija]
Prljavi blekerski treš.

Fleshcrawl - Impurity [30 HRK] [Fotografija]
Old school death metal iz njemačke. Preporuka.

Slayer - Diabolus in Musica [30 HRK] [Fotografija]
Nepoznati američki trešeri.

Necrowretch - Rising from Purulence [25 HRK] [Fotografija]
Francuski death metal. Adzove Vrbe Records verzija.

Sahrana - Vjecna Vladavina Satane [20 HRK] [Fotografija]
Bosanski black metal sa neizostavnim blasfemičarom Jovanom (Prorok).

Fornication - Hell Metal [20 HRK] [Fotografija]
Kandski black metal.

Holistic Death Vol. I [30 HRK] [Fotografija]
15 death metal bendova, 15 komada truleži. Uvećajte sliku za popis bendova. Naslovncia je smeće al' je zato glazba odlična.

Cold Grim - When Desolation Turns Incessant [30 HRK] [Fotografija]
Black metal iz Kosta Rike.

Prorok - In the Name of Satan [20 HRK] [Fotografija]
Sirovi black metal.


Lorn - Cozened Supremacy [25 HRK] [Fotografija]
Hrvatski drone...četvrt sata u slavu nepogrešive ludosti i neizbježne propasti.

Dead Pleasure - Oprosti im Bože neznaju što čine [30 HRK] [Fotografija I] [Fotografija II]
Hrvatski black metal s područja Istre (Labin). Sadrži stare stvari nanovo snimljene u studiju te live nastup. Preporuka.

Charnel Valley - The Dark Archives [50 HRK] [Fotografija]
Američki black metal.

Krieg - The Church [50 HRK] [Fotografija]
Američki black metal.

Goat Horns & The True Endless [50 HRK] [Fotografija]
Black metal iz Velike Britanije i Italije.

Incriminated - Kings Of Misery [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Finski black / thrash. Preporuka.
Recenzija wrote:
This is musical nihilism, the aural manifestation of the denial of all life. This is music to curl up and die to, pure and simple. It is minimalistic to the extent where it is merely the bare bones of a song dancing around in your head. All of the riffs are extra primitive, just a step up from classic rock, but with a different feel. And what is that feel? Misanthropy, hate, malice, repulsion, ugliness, life denial and entropy to the fullest degree.
The last song is 8 and a half minutes of basically two riffs, but it is more like just one for most of it. And that riff is very, very primitive as well. You need to be wasted to listen to this, the title track of this album. I do not see someone sober minded getting through this song unless they have already resigned to die and have embraced the loss they will soon experience. To quote a passage ‘I feel connected to decomposing life’, and this comes through on this album more then anywhere else for this genius of a band. Highly recommended to people who like doom, minimalist music, or just want a breather form all the shredding and blasting going on nowadays.

Horna - Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Finski black metal.
Recenzija wrote:
Unfortunately my experience with this legendary band is limited, and my first exposure to their music was the slightly less than intense “Haudankylmyyden Mailla”. While this album has its charm, it does seem to put me to sleep in some parts, and could benefit from a richer guitar sound and more imaginative songwriting. “Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne”, however, is a breath of fresh air, as it is genuinely innovative and original black metal, released in 2005, at a time where other bands have mostly been rehashing old ideas or trying to fuse superficial elements from other genres while ultimately losing the true spirit of black metal.

The production here is perfect for dark and raw black metal, as the guitars take on a trebly sound, but without becoming weakened or quiet in the mix. The bass is audible and effective, and the drums are powerful without being an annoying and constant blast. The vocals are an aggressive black metal scream. Based on this description you could be forgiven for thinking that this album must be generic (not necessarily a bad thing) with nothing new to offer. The truth is that they have embraced the old black metal spirit, but with riffs that have grown on me with every listen.

The first track “Vihan Tie” is critical to whether the listener becomes engaged (entranced) by this album, as it contains a repetitive riff that is revisited throughout the song, and could be interpreted by some listeners as annoying. To me, it gives the music a buzzing, hypnotic feel. After this relatively accessible introduction to the album, “Musta Temppeli” begins to grind its way into the soul of the listener. The opening riff is dark and infectious, serving a similar purpose to Mayhem’s “Freezing Moon” opener. The bass interacts well with guitar here to create a drone effect. After this introduction, the song speeds up to a climax which causes significant neck snappage; it’s amazing what moods can be invoked in the listener by playing a single note very quickly, but not so fast that the drums and bass can’t punctuate each note and drive it into your skull, and not without gradually moving across the musical scale. This song is what dark and evil black metal is all about.

It would be redundant to continue with a song-by-song description, as the themes and song structures remain similar throughout the album. Since I love the aforementioned structures, this is welcome, and the riffs throughout the album are diverse enough and have occasionally imprinted on parts of my brain during my days at work. It would be an offence against art if I didn’t mention the instrumental track “Zythifer”, however. This is one of the better instrumental tracks I have heard on a black metal album. No keyboards or random samples of wind blowing here! This is a slow and eerie progression that seems to creep up on the listener with the same organic and earthy guitar tones that have been used throughout the album, and I have never found myself using the skip button here, as it seamlessly continues the mood and themes of the previous songs.

Musically, the main strength of this album is how the bass interacts with the guitar tone, simply following it at certain times, but at other times diverging and providing contrast. The tempo varies throughout each song, from slow and grim passages, to climaxes of blistering speed and evil, but these tempo changes are not with such regularity that the songs become disjointed. They are sparse enough to make an impact, and the band is willing to repeat a riff for a good two or three minutes where warranted. There are even some rather warm and charming “black ‘n’ roll” style riffs that fit well.

I would enthusiastically recommend this to all black metal fans, but acknowledge that people who find constant “hammering” of drums following guitars note for note irritating (as in Nokturnal Mortum’s “On the Moonlight Path”) or who find Darkthrone’s meandering effort of “To Walk the Infernal Fields” quite lame, may not enjoy “Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne”. I, however, find it to be quite brilliant and diverse.

Thor's Hammer - Three Weeds From The Same Root [50 HRK] [Fotografija]
Recenzija wrote:
How many bands have released a masterpiece before they split-up? Not so many, but surely Thor’s Hammer is one of them. “Three Weeds From The Same Root” is kind of a concept album, dealing about hatred to some of the world most powerful things, Religions and the United States. Something special about this band is that they have an unique sound, this not typical old-school black metal, but it’s not modern BM either, it just Thor’s Hammer. The songs here are mid-paced, very atmospheric and dark, it’s really and experience to listen to this awesome album, the lyrics are not the boring (and sometimes stupid) white power stuff, as I said before, they mainly deal with religion (and how it affects your life), and also with personal pride and the real world that the media won’t show you. A track that really shine here is “The Law of the Wave”, one of the best Thor’s Hammer songs ever, but this album doesn’t have a bad moment, this is pure gold. Buy or Die! LET THE HAMMER SMASH THE CROSS!

Vital Remains - Horrors of Hell [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Sadrži 7" i prva dva demoa. Preporuka.

Boris - Absolutego [75 HRK] [Fotografija]

Sabbatical SiameseChristBeheading [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Sabbat (Jpn) i Surrender of Divinity. Preporuka.

Persecutor - Wings Of Death [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Poljski black / thrash napada.

Blasphemy, Mayhem, War [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Evil Damn, Toxic Holocaust i Chainsaw Killer. Odličan thrash metal split.

Sabbatical Gorgonslaught [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Sabbat (Jpn) i Gorgon.

Abigail - Ultimate Unholy Death [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Japanski black / thrash metal ospjednut kurvama.

Impurity - Satanic Metal Kingdom [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Brazilski beštijalni black metal.

Maze of Torment - Death Strikes [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Kombinacija deatha i thrasha na stari način.

Revenant - The Burning Ground [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Američki death/thrash iz '90ih. Kompilacija demoa, epa i neobjavljenih stvari. Preporuka.

Disgorge - Necrholocaust [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Meksički brutalni death metal.
Recenzija wrote:
Now we are talking about true Death Metal. If you already own this album you should know this is quite different from previous releases, however i think they changed for good. The first remarkable change are the song's names, unlike CCI and Forensick, the song titles here don't have any medic references and you might think that the gore theme is out of this album, but i've read the lyrics and there is blood, gore, guts and vomit splattered over all the booklet. The production also adds a new clear sound to the album, which makes the voice a little understandable and the guitar riffs are also very clear. However you may need to hear it at least two times to differ one song from another. Antimo's voice in this album are flawless, his low-pitch screams are insane and adds a grinding atmosphere to all the songs. Also his high screams are something many death metal vocalists would like to achieve (me included). The guitar works are also a little bit more technical than other Disgorge's relases. Now i'll review each track individually:

The first song "Raise the Pestilence" starts with a very dark intro and suddenly begins the actual song with a blast beat. Personally i think this is a great song specially at the middle part when a slow riff is played. Also Antimo makes a very good use of high screams, and at the end of the song you might think Antimo is about to puke!!. Then without any time to think about this song, the album blasts with "Sodomic Baptism", a faster song than RtP, this song is a personal favorite of this album, i don't really know why. On the next song "Macabre Realms of Inhuman Bestiality", we return to a dark intro and we have another slow riff that makes this song stands from the other songs. I like a lot to watch them play this song live, Disgorge has one of the best live performances i've seen. The next song "Ravenous Funeral Carnage" is one of the songs in this album with lyrics based on the purest gore and musically i think this song is the "most death metal" of the album because it's not as grind as the others. Exactly at 3:00 this song has a very kick-ass riff. The next song is "Necrholocaust", which starts with a very, very slow riff, but slow doesn't mean it is not heavy. The lyrics of this song are great, i can't tell why, but check them out at this album section. This song makes a good tribute to its name, it's a very holocaustic songs with many tempo variations, which rules. "Goremassacre Perversity" is the name of the next song, which starts with an intro of some screams, however it is very short (unlike previous albums). This song is very but very fast, it doesn't have any slow or mid tempo on it, it's just total reeking goremassacre perversity!. The next song, "Excremential Lust" takes again very, very dirty gore to its lyrical content and once again Antimo proves his talent as a death metal vocalist on many parts of this song, like a whole riff with high screams. The last song, "Boiling Vomit through my Veins" is another one of my favorites. It's also a very grinding song, using some mid tempo riffs, like the chorus when the lyrics go "boiling through my veins" two times, and the voice is just insane when Antimo says "boiling". My favorite part of this song is at 2:30.

In few words this album is worth the listening, and i can say without fearing any mistakes, it's one of the best Deathgrind albums out there. I liked a lot this album and i can say that Disgorge is the best mexican Deathgrind band. Check out this album and join the Disgorging Legion!!!

Disgorge - Gore Blessed to the Worms [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Meksički brutalni death metal.

Disgorge - Consume the Forsaken [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Brutalni death metal iz SAD-a.
Recenzija wrote:
This is slow becoming my favorite Disgorge (US) release. I've always been one to swear by the Matti Way'era material because I believe him to be one of the sickest vocalists in the history of death metal. However, the quality of the music on this disc is quite undeniable.

First off, the riffing seems to have more thought put into it compared to She Lay Gutted and Cranial Impalement. It's not just non-stop chugging. Mind you, there still is quite a bit of it. This stuff is more varied.

The production is another big step up compared to previous material. The guitars are quite clear, but they keep enough heaviness as to not take away from the overall brutality. The drums cut through quite well and dont overpower the guitars. The triggered kicks do have a little too much of a click to them, but that is something I expect from most bands in this genre.

Vocally, I dont really have much to complain about. A.J. is a very brutal vocalist and does the songs justice with his brand of lows and the odd gurgle. Not quite in Matti Way's league, but he rips well nontheless.

All in all, this album really showed Disgorge's maturity song writing-wise. It's a wonderfully brutal album with some good riffs that stick in your head. If Matti Way was singing on it, it'd be one of my favorite death metal albums of the last few years for sure.

Father Befouled - Profano ad Regnum [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Američki death metal u stilu Incantationa. Preporuka.

Incantation - Decimate Christendom [75 HRK] [Fotografija]

Nokturnal Mortum - Weltanschauung [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Ukrainci koji vole pjevat o domu.

Sapthuran & Leviathan [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
USBM. Preporuka.
Recenzija wrote:
This is by far the most distinctive split I’ve heard, Sapthuran and Leviathan contributing completely different shades of a blackened art. Yet somehow in the context of one CD, it seems to flow well. Generally speaking, it is a rather melodic release, both acts making use of guitar harmonies, and keyboards on the part of Wrest from Leviathan.

Sapthuran begins the split with eerie gusting wind that gives way to a lonely guitar line with primitively recorded and yet perfect clamoring drums. The vocals are distorted, chanting through the chambers of a cave deep under the surface, chilling and full of a horrifying wisdom. The music takes you very much to the depths of the forest in an ancient time, as darkness and cold are driving the life and warmth from the world and ushering in the autumn months.

The second track consists of mournful acoustic guitars, somewhat in the vein of Ulver, amid a softer wind. Maybe a little more peaceful than the artist would like it to come across as, but still very much in the mood.

The third Sapthuran track is related in sound to the first, though it has a varied guitar part and the drum cymbal crashes stand out to me in a good way. The drums suit this music very well, as do the vocals, the wind, the songs fading in and out. A primeval offering from Sapthuran.

Leviathan takes the throne with an intro whose desired effect, I’m sure, is to promote a sense of itching paranoia leading to something absolutely scarring from which there is no return. A job done well because as a high squealing digital wind rises and, what reminds me of sharp fingernails scraping on skulls, echoes in stereo delay, there is an almost tribal sounding beat of wood on wood which gradually builds momentum. The tension increases immensely until it breaks into full blast-beat and ugly powerful distorted guitars. The drums are deafening compared to previous Leviathan releases because they are the REAL thing, not electronic. The distorted vocals are recognizablely done by Wrest, though they are more guttural and brutal in sound (not electronically transposed to a higher register as is generally normal). The first song is very evil and dissonant, with digital screeching to amplify the effect in certain places. It then breaks down into classic Leviathan drum/bass minimalism with purely hateful gurgling chanting. Concluding with a mid-tempo, very “metal” riff, it fades out with Wrest’s signature clean ambient guitar haunting the soundscape till silence.

The second track does not hesitate to melt the mountains and evaporate the oceans with its immediate bludgeoning. My favorite track being “The Fourth Blind Wound,” it is very melodic and beautiful at the same time filled with agony, abandonment, betrayal and loathing. Part of you is ripped away and is fed to this blackened vortex of energy.
Keyboards interspersed throughout this song add a very important aspect to the song.

Next track is mid-tempo and blast-beat oriented, with the most full sound Leviathan has every produced. Most satisfactory.

“Crushing The Prolapsed Oviducts of Virtue” is intense by all accounts, beginning with an average chunk of quality evil, and then at a certain point, breaking off and launching into a torrent of tortured wailing, so furious and agonized that it blew me away at first. Within this section there are some absolutely beautiful and enchanting riffs (one of the reasons that has made Black Metal so superior to other metal in my opinion) with lulling clean guitar echoing above and below. I would call this a genre-defining/disintegrating song.
A minute-long dreamscape is what “Mesmerism” turns out to be, with drums and atmosphere compressed into a texture that is thick and warm compared with the normal likes of Leviathan. A solitary wail punctuates the emptiness here.

In a word, I am very pleased with this split, and perhaps a little biased on the line-up. Sapthuran and Leviathan play their respective parts, and in a way they are well matched. By no means can they really compare to each other, but together the atmosphere is taken in many different directions, and the aftermath is devastation and wonder. I would say that it would be wise to acquire this while it is available. Enough said.

Battlesword - Failing In Triumph [50 HRK] [Fotografija]
Njemački death metal.
Recenzija wrote:
It's nice when the promo material is actually truthful. The copy said "Brutal death metal in the vein of Amon Amarth!" or some such, and I have to say that is absolutely true. I'm not sure if this is a debut for these guys, and I'm not 100% sure they're German, the booklet info is scanty and their site was down, oh well.

I'm glad to say the Amon Amarth comparison is completely accurate. Battlesword (or "Battlefword", as they spell it in the logo) play riffy, melodic death metal veeeeery reminiscent of Amon Amarth's early releases. Now I happen to think that's a good thing, as AA's early albums are my favorites, and I have liked them less with each album, so the fact that the stuff on "Failing In Triumph" sounds a lot like "Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds" (If less epic) is all good in my book. Battlefword write less sprawling and more riff-oriented songs than AA, and their lyrics are less fixated on Vikings, being more a general 'war and destruction' kind of vibe. The intro, as on almost all death metal albums, is pointless, but then the riffs on "Chapter II" get the blood moving, and by the time "Baptised in Fire" comes crunching out the head is banging quite nicely. The second half of the CD is not quite as strong as the first, but it remains enjoyable throughout.

The CD case is OK, with a decent cover and a nicely archaic-looking logo. The interior layout is decent, though surprisingly the band look rather hardcore with short hair and t-shirts. The lyrics are included, and they're pretty good.

Overall, this is an enjoyable CD. Battlesword are certainly not groundbreaking, but they are entertaining. And since Amon Amarth can't be bothered to be cool anymore, we can be glad somebody remembers how to do it right.

Blood of Christ - ...A Dream To Remember [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Kanadski melodični death metal. Preporuka.
Recenzija wrote:
Mixing elements of doom, black, and death metal, Blood of Christ take no prisoners when it comes to brutal music. Melody also plays a part in BoC's music, as there are some slow acoustic bits that fit between the brutal parts. Fans of the Cryptopsy/Kataklysm kind of death metal should find this appealing, as will other fans of death metal that like some melody in their music as well. Very dark and very, very brutal.

Demonic Resurrection - A Darkness Descends [50 HRK] [Fotografija]
Melodični death / black metal iz Indije.

Funerus - Festering Earth [50 HRK] [Fotografija]
Američki death metal u stilu Incantationa. Uostalom, McEntee-i su tu.

United States Of Goregrind [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Devourment, Screaming Afterbirth, Negligent Collateral Collapse i Corporal Raid. Preporuka.

Weak Aside - Fire at Will [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Njemački militanti death metal.

Deicide - When Satan Lives [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Kultni floridski death metalci.

Bloodthorn - Under the Reign of Terror [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Norveški blackened death metal. Preporuka.

Brimstone - Carving A Crimson Career [50 HRK] [Fotografija]
Švedski power metal.
Recenzija wrote:

Wow, this album is awesome! I can't believe I went so long before discovering this one.

If you want an idea what to expect, think thrashy power metal (like, say, Blind Guardian on their first album), but with growled vocals. It works incredibly well, getting the best of the power metal world (e.g., the awesome guitars, catchy melodies and riffs) without the worst (e.g., the cheesy ballads). It's bouncy in the best possible way -- bouncy without being cheesy. Every time I put this album on it cheers me up and makes me smile.

I guess I can partially agree with those who compare it to Hammerfall but with growled vocals, but I think Brimstone's guitars are more original and interesting.

Fans of thrash-embued, non-cheesy power metal should give these folks a try. If you like Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, Bruce Dickinson, Helstar, Savatage, Pyramaze, but are interested to see a band with a bit more aggression (thanks to the harsh vocals), you might just like Brimstone. If you like those bands and are also a fan of Gothenburg melodeath, I suspect really going to love Brimstone. (Brimstone is not melodeath, but they've got some similar high points: incredible guitars and beautiful melodies galore.) But if you're a fan of, oh, I don't know, Gamma Ray, Therion, Falconer, or other cheesy happy bubbly Italian/German power metal, my guess is that Brimstone is probably not going to appeal.

This band deserves to be better known -- Carving a Crimson Career is definitely one of my favorite albums. Such a shame they split up after releasing this masterpiece!

Bloody Victim - Bound In Blasphemy [50 HRK] [Fotografija]
Recenzija wrote:
Excellent release that will be overlooked by the trendy faggots. Brutal black/death reminding me at times of the mighty Dawn of Azazel or Bliss of Flesh. Great guitarwork, melodic, but harsh at the same time.

Belinus - Battlechants [50 HRK] [Fotografija]
Mješavina folka i blacka.
Recenzija wrote:
Hailing from Ireland, Belinus play "Celtic War Metal." From what I can figure this is basically Viking Metal, except it is about the Celts and not the Vikings. The styles are similar and the lyrics are similar, focusing on war, honor, victory, etc. To be honest I am enjoying it immensely. The first track "Croi Dorcha na Coille" begins with a catchy, acoustic Irish guitar part. The acoustic guitar stays throughout the song with some great guitar riffs layered overed it. A very good intro.

The second song has less "Irish" parts and more straightforward metal. Great drumming and guitar work are present throughout. The rest of the CD continues in this fashion with some cool acoustic interludes sprinkled throughout. It is a very cool idea and Belinus pull it off very well.

The only complaint I have about these guys is the somewhat shoddy production. The bass is barely audible and the vocals are too low in the mix. Hopefully on the next release they can fix these production issues because Belinus has something very interesting here and they need to continue to develop it.

Luciferion - The Apostate [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Švedski death metal. Preporuka.
Recenzija wrote:
I feel this one to be one of the most unique Death bands I've ever heard. Luciferion has a little too late released their second full length album. The new segment of the album equals a half an hour of very good musicianship. This is followed by a Celtic Frost cover, that is so bad that it must have been done very early in their career. And bringing up the end of it all is a collection of their demos, which everyone wants to hear!

Luciferion is not given justice by being refered to simply as Death Metal. Yes, Death is the strongest influence present, but there are others. The band itself, by the looks of them would be considered Black Metal. At the same time, the band has a different instrumental element; at least for a Death Metal band. Their Keyboardist adds an erie sound to their music, sort of a tracsending, mystic contribution that makes them a lot more fun to listen to.

Their newer songs are very long and it take a while for them to get going. You normally won't hear the vocalist until a good minute into each song. Which is somewhat unfortunate because he is really good. One particular set back is that the begining of the songs are the basis for the chorus, but most of the time you won't hear the chorus again until near the end of the song. So, sadly this is not a band you can sing along with!

The Guitar riffs at some points seem rather monochromatic, which is probably why they decided to have a Keyboard counterpart. They are, however, quite fluid. Nothing special they may be, but still good. At certain points you will just be begging for a solo, and they deliver as suredly as they delivered the album - just a little too late. Of courese, I was still quite impressed, it takes a while for them to decide to even have a solo, and when they do it's quite refreshing. Luciferion does not seem to have a theme to their solos, and they sound like a lot of All-over-the-place-ness. Yet, many bands do this, and are well recieved for it.

The Percusionist definately knows what he is doing, he knows that there are many points in the album are weak. He adds doublekick to points that would be otherwise unintersting, and only enhances the viscosity. As much the same way that Dimmu Borgir was sloppy untill they hired Nicholas Barker as Drummer. Luciferion's Drummer changes his pattern many, many times but never changes the actual beat, and therefore the enjoyment of the album is not lost.

As I have said previously, the Celtic Frost cover must have been recorded very early in their career because as well as the production quality, the musicianship is just plain bad. The equalizations on my media player couldn't even fix the problem.

The rest of the demos are not as badly produced, but still deminish in quality of musicianship. None of them come even near as to being as good as the newer songs on this album. However, that is usually the case with demos. No one can appreciate them for what they are, but rather for what they could be. And apparently they could be good, especially since Luciferion has come such a long way (even though it took them seven years to do it).

Vortex of End - In Satan and Plutonium We Trust [50 HRK] [Fotografija]
Francuski black metal.

Kataklysm - Serenity in Fire [50 HRK] [Fotografija]
Poznati kanadski melodični death metal.

Khaos Aeon - Daath - Opening of the Abyss [50 HRK] [Fotografija]
Prvo izdanje njemačkog black metal benda. Prilično kvalitetno s obzirom da je to tek prvi demo.

Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis & Butcher ABC [50 HRK] [Fotografija]
Dva kultna goregrind benda na jednom albumu.

Behemoth - Chaotica [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Luksuzno digipack izdanje sa dva cda. Više o izdanju ovdje.

Before God - Under The Blood Banner [50 HRK] [Fotografija]
Death / thrash projekt članova Bound For Glory.

Godless Rising - Rising Hatred [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Američki death metal oformljen od starih članova Vital Remainsa.

Godless Rising - Battle Lords [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Žešći i blasfemičniji od prethodnog albuma.

Atavism & Drain Of Impurity & Mincer - Brutalmageddon [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Za ljubitelej prljavog goregrinda i sličnih gadarija.

Parricide & Patologicum & Deformed - Cut Your Head Before They Do[75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Split album poljskih goregrindera.


Disforterror - Impalement and Holocaust Stench [200 HRK] [Fotografija]
Beštijalni black / death. Die hard verzija.

Los Crudos & Mannumission [50 HRK] [Fotografija]
Hardcore punk. Dolazi s nekakavom anarho knjižicom vezanom uz SAD.

Los Crudos & Huasipungo - Nunca Nada Cambia... A Menos Que Lo Hagamos Cambiar [50 HRK] [Fotografija]
Hardcore punk.

Abominat - Storms Of Calamity [50 HRK] [Fotografija]
Norveški death metal. Ograničeno na 500 komada.

Misery Index & Bathtub Shitter [50 HRK] [Fotografija]
Od svakog benda po 2 pjesme, limitirano na 1100 komada.

Kratornas - The Onslaught Of Battledemons [75 HRK] [Fotografija]
Sirovi i bučni black metal sa Filipina. Naglasak na sirovi. Raritet.

Impious Havoc - The Great Day Of Wrath [100 HRK] [Fotografija]
Raritet limitiran na 350 izdanja, odličan black metal.

Torturium - Misanthropic Angels Burning Winds [100 HRK] [Fotografija]
Raritet limitiran na 666 izdanja, projekt War Torecha (ex Satanic Warmaster). Sirovi, depresivni black metal sa kreštavim vokalom u stilu Silencera.


Front #1 [20 HRK] [Fotografija]
Sadrži: Kvltivator, P'o metra crijeva, Inverted pussyfix, članak This Is Karlovac Not L.A.!, E.N.D., Bolesno Grinje, Infernal Tenebra, live report i Darkthrone.

Uz fanzin ide i kompilacijski cd sa slijedećom tracklistom:
01. Bolesno Grinje - Jebe Mi Se
02. Narednik Lobanja I Vod Smrti - Narednik Lobanja I Vod Smrti
03. Inverted Pussyfix - Piece Of Uterus
04. Narednik Lobanja I Vod Smrti - Mars Smrti
05. Bolesno Grinje - Savrsen dan za samoubojstvo
06. Po' Metra Crijeva - Ca je - Trubilo?
07. Inverted Pussyfix - Rio Mare Easy Kill
08. Po' Metra Crijeva - Frane Iznutricosjek

Funeral March #1 [100 HRK] [Fotografija]

Funeral March #2 [100 HRK] [Fotografija]


Kontakt na vjecnirat[AT]nistavilo[DOT]net ili PM .
Za narudžbu izvan Zagreba troškove poštarine snosi naručitelj.

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Obnovljeno...došlo par trešerskih kaseta.
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Dodano 10 cda.
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Stavio neke raritete...
Silencer - Death Pierce Me
Disforterror - Impalement and Holocaust Stench
Funeral March #1
Funeral March #2
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